Memorial to Night City Lights

Viktor Karlík

Five lamps create this version of the Monument to the Night Lights of the City. The central lamp searches the sky for the ruler of all lights and life on Earth—the sun star, or maybe another planet reflecting the light of the sun. The other lamps-servants shine for their builders—people, as well as animals. They attract insects. How many moths has artificial lighting driven mad? The various curves in the lamps’ necks should evoke movement, movement that the light enables for those walking the night, or waves of greeting. Is the lamp happy?
The model stands on an iron pedestal, whose form arises from the morphology of the monument. It draws attention to all the wires that feed the lamp with its current. Wires—roots. Electrical current as sustenance for streetlamps. Woe to the man who tastes of this fruit!

(in: Viktor Karlík, The City Lights, Prague 2010, p.42)

Viktor Karlík
Pomník nočním světlům města, 2006, bronz, V. 217
Memorial to Night City Lights, bronze, H. 217
Viktor Karlík Viktor Karlík Viktor Karlík Viktor Karlík